Ride On Mopping machine Modal - CS-CT1S!

Physical floor mopping of an industrial or mall area is a tough and time-consuming task. But, with a quality floor mopping machine like CT-1S, one can do it easily in a lot less time. If you’re fed up with your building’s dirty hard metal floor even after regular physical mopping, this product is just what you need.

Where can you use the Ride On Floor Mopping Machine CT-1S?

Though the applications of this machine are innumerable, here is a list of the places for which it was designed and where it’s mostly used by our clients.

  1. Shopping centers and malls
  2. Airports
  3. Train stations
  4. Hospitals
  5. Industries
  6. Hotels
  7. Office buildings
  8. Service centers
  9. Industrial canteens
  10. Commercial locations

Top Features of CT-1S Ride On Floor Mopping Machine

  1. The CT-1S Ride On Floor Mopping Machine is very simple to operate and offers excellent operator comfort thanks to its ergonomic design.
  2. The huge, 900 mm wide acrylic dry mop attached to the front of this machine is used to sweep dusty regions or push light waste materials, such as shreds of paper or fabric, over areas where hand sweeping would be too time-consuming and tough.
  3. Instead of physically sweeping the whole floor, the operator can simply push the dust or debris into a defined location from where it is simple to collect and dispose of with little effort.
  4. If there are any scooter tyre marks, the rear mop removes them.
  5. The machine's tyre size is 9 inches, and the operator can adjust its speed using the control panel on the handle.
  6. It is safe to use everywhere since it has a horn, headlight, indicator lights for turning, adjustable seat height, rear view mirrors, emergency and parking brakes, and more.
  7. A switch allows the scooter to travel forward and backward.
  8. Batteries that need no maintenance and a 24V DC source power the machine.
  9. The machine can operate for up to 40 kilometers on a single charge, which is equivalent to around 4-5 hours of use. Not many ride on floor mopping machines in its price range offer a 40 km full power trip.
  10. You can clean large floor surfaces with it, particularly places with a lot of foot traffic.
  11. Most significantly, it is far more affordable and costs a fraction of what ride-on sweepers or ride-on scrubber dryers do, so it can be used in places where they are not necessary.
  12. Its work efficiency is 4,000 meters sq. per hour and the speed is adjustable.
  13. It comes with a very powerful  48v580w motor which is only available in the highest-priced floor mopping machines in the market.
  14. Its 30% grade ensures that the mop meets the floor at the perfect angle for cleaning every last piece of dust and debris.
  15. The buy or rent cost is low compared to ride-on sweepers or ride-on scrubber dryers.
  16. A big open breathable box in front for storing floor mopping essentials or other items while riding it.

CT-1S Ride On Floor Mopping machine is so easy to use that even beginners can start using it without any expert help. Therefore, you won’t need to hire someone new to operate this machine.