Gravity Ride on (Scrubber)!

When compared to walk behind or stand-on floor scrubbers, Gravity ride on scrubber dryer is the most productive. They do away with cords and are the least tiring for the user because they do not require the user to push or stand for the machine to move.

Its operator simply sits on the floor scrubber dryer machine and maneuvers it with finger and foot controls and a steering wheel.

Ultimately, reducing operator fatigue will increase worker productivity and allow the staff to complete more work during a cleaning shift.

Gravity Ride On Scrubber Dryer Machine Advantages

  1. Floor cleaning is the best in its class.
  2. Maximum cleaning area per hour
  3. Solution saving
  4. Best gradient working capability
  5. Anti-slip tyre
  6. Seat with ergonomic design.
  7. Native design and low spare parts costs.

Why Choose Gravity Ride On Scrubber?

These are the main reasons why Gravity Ride On Scrubber dryer machine users prefer this cleaning machine.

Charger Built-In

The Gravity Auto Scrubber dryer has an on-board battery charger and can be charged at any 120V outlet.

On-board battery chargers improve productivity and convenience. Its operator can avoid bringing the machine to a specific charging area or station by using an on-board charger, increasing productivity.

Any auto scrubber that is plugged into an on-board battery charger cannot be operated.

Staff should not charge the battery every time they have the opportunity, despite how convenient it is. Before operating a machine, always charge the batteries to 100 percent, including cool down time. Overcharging the battery will cause it to overheat and shorten its life.

Tanks for Recovery and Solution

This floor scrubber dryer machine has a 19.2-liters recovery tank and a 19-liters solution tank with large access openings.

The lid of the Gravity Ride On Scrubber dryer machine's tank is open.

Because of the large tanks, the machine can run for an extended period of time before needing to be drained and refilled, increasing worker productivity.

The recovery tank is located behind the operator's seat and features a large opening for simple and quick maintenance. To avoid odors and mold growth, the tank should be cleaned after each use.

Controls Are Simple

The steering wheel houses the control panel. The simple display shows all of the important functions, such as machine on/off, battery status, water on/off, and vacuum on/off. The Gravity auto scrubber has simple controls and a USB port.

By placing the displays in the front and center of the machine, the operator has easy access to them and avoids the downtime associated with scrubbers that have buttons on the side or back of the machine.

The large buttons and steering wheel make controlling the Gravity Ride on Scrubber dryer machine a breeze.

On the control panel, there is a USB port for fast charging of cell phones and tablets, which adds to user comfort and control.

Indicator of Solution Tank Level

The operator can quickly and easily see how full or empty the solution tank is because it is located on the tank's side.

Allowing the operator to quickly glance at the machine to see the level of solution can assist them in determining when and if they need to refill the tank.

Other machines do not display the level of solution clearly and require the operator to stop and inspect the tank. This can take time and increase cleaning times.

Scrubbing Path of Significant Size

The cleaning path on this automatic scrubber dryer is 20 inches long.

The more space an operator can cover, the wider the scrubbing path. Cleaning times that are shorter result in higher worker productivity and lower labor costs.

Disc Player

A disc scrub head is included with this industrial scrubber dryer.

A round scrub disc and a round floor pad or brush are used in disc scrubbers. To clean the floor, this disc scrubber rotates the floor pad or brush at 160 RPM. Disc scrubbers work best on flat, even surfaces.

Small Radius of Turn

This cleaner and dryer can easily fit into tight or congested spaces. It has a very small turning radius.

With a small turn radius, employees can work in aisles or hallways without switching to a smaller floor scrubber or using a mop and bucket.

The compact size allows for a small turn radius.

Emergency Stop

With ride on machines, operator safety is always a concern. On the top of the machine, there is a red emergency stop button that is easily accessible at all times.

If the operator encounters a problem on the cleaning path or elsewhere, they can simply press this button to bring the machine to a halt.

Low Pad Pressure

This machine applies 51 pounds of pressure to the floor, which is the lowest amount of pad pressure available among the machines on our list.

Low pressure works best on flat, even floors.

Removable Squeegee Hanger

The squeegee on this machine is easily removable and can be hung on the recovery tank for transportation and storage.

Strong Front Bumper

This machine is extremely durable and strong. It has a heavy-duty front bumper built in to help protect the scrubber.

Is the Gravity Ride On Scrubber Worth It?

The Gravity Ride On Scrubber dryer machine was designed to withstand heavy daily use in commercial facilities, allowing your staff to be highly productive.

Its long run time, large solution and recovery tanks, and pad deck enable it to clean a large industrial area in a cleaning shift.

Furthermore, its small turn radius and compact size make it ideal for medium to large facilities that need to be productive in tight spaces such as long, narrow aisles.