Gravity EC-502 (Escalator Cleaner)!

Gravity EC-502 is a powerful and multi-functional escalator cleaner. With its dry and wet cleaning cycle, you can easily clean the toughest to reach areas of the escalator. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into routine cleaning or just want to get rid of the stains you’ve been continuously watching for weeks; Gravity EC-502 is perfect for both jobs.

Deep Escalator Cleaning Vs. Routine Escalator Cleaning

If your escalator has never been cleaned before (or if it has been years since the last comprehensive cleaning), it likely needs a deep cleaning. This might include dismantling the structure, pressure cleaning the risers and treads, letting them dry, and then reassembling the unit.

Unfortunately, this procedure may take some time and annoy workers and other building guests.

If an escalator isn't filthy or has been cleaned on a regular basis by your maintenance staff, you can probably keep to a cleaning schedule that involves using minimal quantities of cleaning solution and dirt absorption pads.

Of course, routine escalator cleaning is significantly less expensive than periodic deep cleaning and may result in your escalator looking and working better!

Why Choose Gravity EC-502 Escalator Cleaning Machine?

When it comes to escalator cleaning, Gravity EC-502 is one of the best in business. Here are the top reasons why you should choose it for deep cleaning or routine cleaning of your escalator.

Multiple Functions

Unlike other escalator cleaner machines in the market, Gravity EC-502 offers multiple functionalities. It is an escalator cleaner, but it can easily clean moving walkways.

It comes with both dry and wet cleaning cycles. Therefore, you can trust the Gravity EC-502 for a thorough escalator cleaning. The dry cleaning cycle ensures the removal of dust, debris, and dirt, while the wet cleaning cycle is used with a cleaning solution and water to give your escalator cleaning process a finishing touch. Moreover, it is perfect for both types of cleaning: deep and routine.

High Performance

Gravity EC-502 has a powerful escalator machine construction which ensures high performance every time you use it for cleaning your commercial area.

Three Cleaning Types

  1. Dry Vacuum Cleaning: Use dry vacuum cleaning on already cleaned travellators/escalators.
  2. Regular Cleaning: This setting allows the appliance to work with reduced quantities of water and with regular strokes of the water pump. It is good for cleaning travellators and escalators that are slightly dirty.
  3. Basic Cleaning: Ideally, escalators with heavy dirt and stains should be cleaned manually if they have not been cleaned in a long time.

3-in-1 Machine

Gravity EC-502 is a three-in-one machine, deep scrubbing, and water spraying. These three tools make it a perfect cleaning machine project for getting rid of heavy marks and engrained dirt.

Reduced Maintenance Effort

High-quality components of the Gravity EC-502 Escalator Cleaner machine reduce maintenance effort to the least possible amount. You’ll barely need to put any effort into keeping it like new for years to come.

Easy To Use

This escalator cleaner machine is designed in a way that is easy to use for everyone. It doesn’t matter even if you’ve never used a machine of this kind before, you’ll still be able to handle it easily because of its easy usage facility.

Instructions Before Setting Up the Gravity EC-502 Escalator Cleaning Machine

  1. Except for the wooden palette, remove all packaging materials.
  2. Push the handle into the appliance's grooves. 
  3. Make sure the pushing handle fits into the appliance's grooves packet.
  4. The cover flaps should be fastened.
  5. At the pushing handle, hold onto the strain-relieving clamp.

Tips for Cleaning with Gravity EC-502 Escalator Cleaner

If you wanted to know how one can easily clean Gravity EC-502 Escalator Cleaner, please go through the steps listed below.

  1. First, carefully remove any loose, gritty dust.
  2. Take away any hard items from the ridges of the stairs, such as stones.
  3. Manually scrub the escalator steps' front side.
  4. In overlapping strips, clean the stepping regions. In order to accomplish it, first, pull the appliance out of the way and set it to the side.
  5. Watch the escalator steps while you clean. They need to be damp but not wet. There shouldn't be any leftover foam.
  6. Clean with liquid detergent first, then with a dry cloth (by setting the appliance to dry vacuum cleaning).
  7. After that, rinse with clear water to get rid of any detergent traces.

Easy Steps for Care and Maintenance of Gravity EC-502 Escalator Cleaner Before Using It

Here are the instructions every Gravity EC-502 owner must follow for a proper care and maintenance of Gravity EC-502 Escalator Cleaner.

  1. Check the foot pedal's emergency stop function, the spray pattern of the nozzles, and the cleanliness of the suction nozzles.
  2. To use the device, depress the foot pedal and turn the switch to "dry vacuum cleaning." The appliance must stop when the foot pedal is released.
  3. Only use authorized customer support representatives to fix the equipment.
  4. Verify if the back wheels are locked.
  5. Only use authorized customer support representatives to fix the equipment.
  6. Roller brushes, intake brushes, combs, guide rails, hoses, stopper, and front wheels should all be examined for signs of wear and tear. If necessary, only authorized customer service representatives should replace the stopper and front wheels.
  7. Check for damage or breakage on the main cable and plug. Only a customer care representative or an electrician can replace them.

Easy Steps for Care and Maintenance of Gravity EC-502 Escalator Cleaner After Using It

Taking care of Gravity EC-502 Escalator Cleaner is very easy. Every time after using it, just follow the steps given below, and Gravity EC-502 will work smoothly for years to come.

  1. Put "0" on the appliance switch.
  2. Remove the power plug.
  3. Lock the back tires.
  4. The leftover detergent liquid should be drained.
  5. Drain and dispose of the dirty water.
  6. Use a moist towel dipped in a mild detergent to clean the appliance's exterior.
  7. Clean up the filthy water reservoir's inside.
  8. Fluff the filter up.

If you’re happy with the overall working process and the top features of Gravity EC-502, buy or rent it today from our official website.